Sep 11, 2018


  • S W A G A A (swaziland Action Group Against Abuse)
Full time Finance

Job Description


in pursuing the mandate to prevent and respond to gender based violence, SWAGAA is extending an invitation to individuals interested in applying for the following positions to forward an application.


Job title:

Finance and Administration Manager Reports to: The Executive Director


To ensure the smooth operation of all finance and administration activities of the organization including formulation/review and implementation of finance, administration and human resource policies and procedures, financial systems application and training and development of finance team to contribute towards the effective functioning of SWAGAA

Key responsibilities include -

Conduct financial management and monitoring of all donor grants and organizational resources Analyse and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; Clearly communicate monthly and annual financial statements; Ensure strong adherence to organizational policies and procedures for prevention of mismanagement of funds and resources Consolidate financial reporting materials for all donor segments, and oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting. Coordinate and lead the annual audit process, liaise with external auditors and the Finance Sub Committee of the Executive Board; assess any changes necessary. Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning processes.


- Post Graduate Degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance Management, or similar 5 years' experience in finance management, two of which must be in a Management role. Minimum 3 years' experience in Donor Grants Management. Minimum 2 years' experience in Senior Manage-ment position.

Applications:Interested candidates must email applications by 12 noon on Thursday 23th September 2018.
Email to SWAGAA Communications Officer at and copy to  

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