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Times of Swaziland
P.O Box 156


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Managing Editor: editor@times.co.sz
News Editor: news@times.co.sz
Business Editor: business@times.co.sz
Sports Editor: sports@times.co.sz
Entertainment Editor: entertainment@times.co.sz
Advertising department: timesads@times.co.sz
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About The Times Of Swaziland

The Times Of Swaziland is an independent Publisher of Swaziland Local new. The newpaper has been running since 1968 and is Swaziland's leader in the deliver of printed news.
The print edition is printed daily with a circulation of over 300,000.

The online edition is hosted and powered by Real Image Internet.

For more information contact the new editor: editor@times.co.sz




Telephone Numbers:

Mbabane: +268-2404 2211 / 2404 2212 / 2404 5509
Manzini: +268-2505 5329 / 2505 8726
Nhlangano: +268-2207 7053