Welcome to Phoenix Assurance Group

Our existing presence and proposed expansion plans in different countries in Africa gives us leverage to negotiate better terms with the Re-insurers. This is not only beneficial for our Group companies but also for the insurance markets where we operate as we bring in large capacities. We provide a whole gamut of general insurance products ranging from aviation to personal accident. We have excellent capacities and terms provided by our re insurers such as Swiss Re (which is ranked number 1 reinsurer in the world), Hannover Re (ranked 6th in the world), GIC of India, Africa Re, and PTA Re. We have played significant role in revenue and employment generation in countries where we have operations. Our companies have also played vital role in bringing domain insurance knowledge into countries where we operate. All our group companies are held in high esteem by the regulators for our unblemished record of compliance with local laws and regulations.

The Phoenix way – Caring for Customers

The Phoenix Way

The Phoenix Way – Looking at the Business values of the Phoenix Assurance Group and the global trend towards rise in responsible corporate behavior, the Chairman of the group is of the firm belief that “It is the business philosophy of giving due consideration to all the stake holders” which will help the group in achieving its corporate vision and mission. It is this deep rooted philosophy of “Caring for Customers” and careful nurturing of the Phoenix way — a philosophy of trusteeship, community and corporate responsibility, coupled with bold innovation and diversified growth — that has now vaulted the group to a new apex in its years of operations: over $ 33 million in revenues, a 294 member family and a presence in seven countries as at end of December 2014.

Clearly for the group as a whole, its visibility, complexity, impact and responsibilities have increased substantially. The Phoenix brand is now one of the most recognized, valuable and trusted in East Africa and in parts of Southern Africa.


Customer Centric Focus

Customer is always our key focus when we are doing our business keeping in line with our corporate motto of “Caring for customer”. Our Management Team has vast experience in the field of Insurance, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing and Real Estate.

We offer not just insurance solutions but a total Risk Management solution to our clients. With most of our clients we hold in-depth discussions to understand the total risk exposure the client faces and how to mitigate them by insurance, risk management and self-financing. Where immediate solutions are not available, we liaise with our reinsurance markets in London, Singapore, South Africa and the US to source bespoke solutions to our clients.