Matsapha Municipality

About Matsapha Municipality

Welcome to the investment hub. Matsapha Town Council, was declared a Town Council in 2012, a local authority with a body corporate status established by the Urban Government Act, 1969, and is entrusted with the following general duties as articulated in Section 55 of the Urban Government Act:

⚊ Control, manage and administer the town;
⚊ Maintain and cleanse all public streets and open spaces vested in the Council or committed to its management;
⚊ Abate all public nuisances;
⚊ Safeguard public health, and provide sanitary services for the removal and disposal of night soil, rubbish, carcasses of dead animals and all kinds of refuse;
⚊ Establish or take over and maintain, subject to the extent of its resources, any public utility service which it is authorized or required to maintain under any law and which is required for the welfare, comfort or convenience of the public;
⚊ Develop, control and manage any land vested in, owned of leased by the Council;
⚊ Establish or take over and administer, subject to the extent of its resources, housing schemes for the inhabitants of the municipality;
⚊ Generally promote the public health, welfare and convenience, and the development, sanitation and amenities of the town.

Matsapha is where most of Swaziland’s industry operates from, in essence, it is the engine of the country. It is located between Mbabane, the capital city and Manzini, the hub, making its location ideal for industry. The country’s national university situated here along with the Royal Police College and Matsapha International Airport.



“To make Matsapha a livable and sustainable investment Town.”



“To provide excellent municipal services and enhance Matsapha’s status as an ideal place for industrial, business and residential investment through participatory governance”


Strategy Focus Areas

1. Enhancing Participatory Governance
2. Revenue Generation for Sustainability
3. Organization Development for Efficient Service Delivery
4. Infrastructure Development for Investment Retention & Promotion
5. Diversification of Land use through Effective Planning
6. Promotion of Public Health & Safety
7. Promotion of Environment Protection & Conservation
8. Mitigating the Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Community


MTC Values

The following ethics and values are in line with the corporate culture and demands from the mandate that Matsapha Town Council is entrenching in shareholders, directors and staff. The values are:

1. Accountability
2. Integrity
3. Participation
4. Good Governance
5. Excellence
6. Professionalism