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  • Manzini, Swaziland

up coming large super market

Jul 30, 2017
ob Summary Responsible for managing a retail staff within a business. Coordinates the shipping of goods, sets up displays, and assists customers and staff during business hours. Primary responsibilities Manage retail staff, including cashiers and people working on the floor. Meet financial objectives by preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions. Formulate pricing policies. Determine daily coupons. Ensure pricing is correct. Work on store displays. Attend trade shows to identify new products and services. Coach, counsel, recruit, train, and discipline employees. Evaluate on-the-job performance. Identify current and future trends that appeal to consumers. Ensure merchandise is clean and ready to be displayed. Approve contracts with vendors. Maintain inventory and ensure items are in stock. Keep up with fluctuating supply and demand. Analyze operating and financial statements for profitability ratios. Ensure promotions are accurate and merchandised to the company’s standards. Utilize information technology to record sales figures, for data analysis and forward planning. Ensure standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met. Monitor local competitors. Ensure hours of operation are in compliance with local laws. Maintain store's cleanliness and health and safety measures. Organize and distribute staff schedules. Preside over staff meetings. Help retail sales staff achieve sales targets. Manage different departments within the store. Handle customer questions, complaints, and issues. Relevant qualifications: High school Certificates Others: Police Clarence Call to :76338404
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