About PSI/Swaziland
PSI/Swaziland is fully committed to measurable health impacts. It measures its effect on disease and death, in the same way a business measures its profits. PSI works in cooperation with government and partners in the public and private sector to deliver high-quality health programs, reaching all populations in need. PSI/Swaziland has been serving priority populations in Swaziland with comprehensive evidence-based public health interventions, including HIV prevention and reproductive health programs, for over a decade. Using highly efficient private sector techniques, PSI/Swaziland promotes products, services and healthy behaviors that enable Swazis to lead healthier, more productive lives.

Our Values

  • Innovation, creativity and risk taking.
  • Evidence based decisions for measurable health impact.
  • Long-term commitment to the people we serve.
  • Making markets work for the people.
  • Leadership through inspiration.
  • Talented and passionate team.

Our Vision
PSI/Swaziland sees a future where the Swazi nation will be empowered to adopt positive and healthy behavior, will have access to comprehensive health services, and will be able to adapt to a changing environment.

Our Mission
To provide relevant, quality health products and services to the Swazi nation through evidence based social marketing strategies intended to maximize the quality of life.