Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation (SRIC)


Corporate Mission

To maintain our position as the foremost provider of insurance services in Swaziland by:

  • Satisfying our policyholders and attracting new clients;
  • Providing high quality insurance services to the market;
  • Providing professional development to our staff to enable them realize their full potential;
  • Satisfying the aspirations of our shareholders through profitable underwriting;
  • Contribute to the developments of the local economy.

Corporate Vision

To be the foremost provider of insurance services in both Short-Term and Long-Term in Swaziland.

Corporate Values

As we drive the objectives of this Corporation we shall:

  • Be honest and fair in our dealings;
  • Exercise integrity and respect;
  • Encourage innovation by listening to stakeholders;
  • Be responsible corporate citizens;
  • Consistency in dealing with issues;
  • Adherence to corporate governance and best practice.